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Nia Sultana -"In The Morning" [AUDIO]

Nia Sultrana has released a groovy new song called "In The Morning". This song is a jam you play when you wake up on a Saturday morning with your one night stand that needs to be kicked out LOL.

Although Nia is from Brooklyn, this song gives me west coast beachy vibes in the best way possible. Via Instagram the artist said this track has been in the vault quite a while, so we are happy this one got to see the light of day!

Nia speaks about how she needs some self care "me" time in the mornings, nothing against you:

"Early in the morning, I need me time/Still want you around, but need to unwind/We could take some space to think, realign/Relax, just let the sun in"

Listen to the song below now and let me know what you think!:

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