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Montreality Recruits SLM As The Only Lady In Their New YouTube Cypher [VIDEO]

If you're into music at all, then you've heard of Montreality. They've had a bunch of legendary artist interviews, and now the brand has created a new cypher series to bring the culture BACK to where it started! I'm all here for it.

Obviously, Montreality is based in Montreal, Canada, so for the first freestyle cypher they decided to feature artists only from the city. They made a cypher with artists rapping in english, and another with artists who rap in French. The English rappers included are: SLM, Kay Bandz, Nate Husser, Zach Zoya, and Kid Riz. For the French rappers, included are: White-B, Lost, Shreez, Connaisseur Ticaso and Izzy-S.

The cofounder of Montreality, Sina Ghiassi spoke with Complex about the new Youtube series:

“Usually our approach is to talk to artists to get to know them better, so this is a totally different way people are going to connect with us. I thought it might be complicated at first because there’s so many different artists and they’re not necessarily all friends... But everyone really came together and united around the vision.”

SLM, the only woman featured, begins her verse around the 2:20 mark. She pops in wearing an animal print two piece, sexy boots, and a LIVE snake around her neck. YUP! Press play below and let us know what you think of the bars!:


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