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Lil Pennii - "Different Breed" [AUDIO]

Lil Pennii has just released a new single called "Different Breed". In the new song she raps about how different she is from everyone else, and listening to her flow and lyrics on this track we can all agree with that statement.

This is the Cali artist's first drop of 2023 and you know this means she's going to have her foot on the gas all year long. Be sure to follow her on Instagram since she's currently holding a $100 raffle which you can enter by purchasing "Different Breed".

"Cut from a different cloth, you know they ain't cut right/I'm not these rap bitches baby, we are not alike/I'm a different breed, I'm at your door they on the site/Keep thinking you a hot girl till you get put up on ice/Baby I've been a star, could give a damn you ain't a fan of me"

Listen to "Different Breed" below now via Youtube/Spotify/Apple Music:


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