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Krystall Poppin - "Therapy Pack" [AUDIO]

Krystall Poppin has a new project out called "Therapy Pack". The EP consists of three songs in total, "Hennessy", "Sewn Up", and "Indigo".

One of the fan favorites is the first one on the project called "Hennessy" where she raps about how drinking has turned into her therapy:

"Cause honesty hurts more than real bitches’ fantasies/I been through more than my body will let you see/You love me more than I feel I will ever be/Hennessy turn to my therapy"

We can guarantee that drinking is not a therapy replacement and do not condone this, but can surely say we are ALL guilty of doing this.

Listen to "Hennessy" in full and the rest of the songs below let us know what you think!:


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