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Kreayshawn Connects With Christina P For “The Mom Song” [VIDEO]

The OG Kreayshawn, best known for her hit "Gucci Gucci" has just released a new comedy rap track called "The Mom Song" which features Christina P. The song is off her new project World's Biggest Idiot.

In the track she raps about how much things change when you become a mother, and the things you can't do and miss out on because you're now a mom. I'm sure all you mothers can relate... or not LOL:

"Callin me to come out past 6 PM? Nope/It's dinner time, cooking macaroni again/You still belong to the streets, now there's piss in my sheets/All my friends asking to do ketamine (ugh)"

Check out the hilarious music video below and let me know what you think!:


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