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Kamaiyah - "Thru The Week" [VIDEO]

Cali rapper Kamaiyah has been on a roll since created her own Record label, Keep It Lit Records. Her latest offering called "Thru The Week" is guaranteed to help you get through your hard work week and keep you hustlin' with your eye on the prize!

In 2022 Kamaiyah released not 1 but 2 EPs, the latest (9/22) being called Keep It Lit which has a very 90's West Coast vibe to it. The fact that Kamaiyah is already back with new tunes for the fans shows that 2023 is going to be all gas no breaks for this superstar.

In "Thru The Week" she slides over a nostalgic beat reminding us to go harder for what we want and to chase that bag, no matter what day of the week it is:

"Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, hit me if it's urgent/Every day I'm working, Friday, Saturday grinding into Sunday/Everyday I'm hustlin', I be getting money"

In the music video below we see Kamaiyah rapping on stage, meeting fans, recording in the studio, and playing some pool with the homies. Press play to watch and listen now below and let me know what you think!:


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