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Erica Banks - "Redefined" [VIDEO]

Erica Banks is applying pressure all 2023! The second music video to drop this year and it's only January 10! Erica's newest freestyle is called "Redefined" over Drake and Jhene Aiko's beat for their song "From Time". The Flow Queen comes with her lyrics as always eating all the girlies up, while both rapping and singing this time around:

"Fuck being boring, I'm busy doing exciting shit/ Headlines put my name in all type of shit/Don't play with me, cause I'm really the type to fight a bitch"

In the video we see her in as sexy green dress and heels rapping on a train track and in a field surrounded by beautiful nature. At the end we see her take the heels off and begin running....

Press play below and let me know what you think!:


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