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DaniLeigh - "Dead To Me" [AUDIO]

After DaniLeigh sat down with Angie Martinez for a vulnerable interview about the past few years and the controversies surrounding her life, she is ready to get back on track. The music is now back to the forefront of DaniLeigh's career, and she is determined to make a come back that no one saw coming.

Her first single since all the drama, is called "Dead To Me". I always hate to assume who an artist's song is about, but this one clearly is about her ex who shall no be named on this blog. In the heartbreaking track she speaks about how someone who was once her everything, is now dead to her. I'm sure lots of ladies can relate to this one.

Get ready because this is just the beginning of Dani, we are going to be getting music, shows, a project, and more this year from the star. This song is the first single off her newest project called My Side, rightfully so. Check it out below and let us know what you think!:


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