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Here at Swagballz, we truly believe that there isn't anything that some weed and good music can't fix, or at least help. We know in times like this it's hard to remain positive, but if you can seem to catch a break from educating yourself, please do yourself a favor. Light something up, and press play on this week's playlist for a temporary mind vacation.

Skylar Gray "Goosebumps" - Skylar Gray does a beautiful cover of Travis Scott's "Goosebumps" off of his Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight album. She even did a photo shoot for the cover art to replicate his album art work. My favorite part of the song is when she does Kendrick's verse!

CupcaKKe "Lemon Pepper" - Her second track of 2020, "Lemon Pepper" was released so CupcaKKe can donate half of the proceeds to the Minneapolis Freedom Fund. The first few words of the song are bound to hook you in "I want my pussy hole stretched like the hoops on Nunu, Open up the box like a n***a got new shoes."

Questiion "Trippin' (Freestyle)" - If you haven't heard about Questiion yet, it's about time you get hip before it's too late!! In her new track "Trippin'" she talks about how much it hurts to get played by someone you love: "I gave it all to you thought I was your baby/I put my trust in you, now you moving shady/Said you'd always be here for me."

Drewski Ft. Dream Doll, Molly Brazy, Rubi Rose "Water" - DJ Drewski of Hot 97 produced this new track with three of the hottest women out right now. Rubi Rose, Molly Brazy, and Dream Doll all on the same track is a dream come true! The song samples Snoop Dogg's "Candy (Drippin’ Like Water)".

Indyamarie "2 Many Shots" - Indyamarie dropped off this new song "2 Many Shots," and speaks about how a man is trying to play her knowing damn well she can hurt his feelings if she pulled her Rolodex out. "Took 2 many shots/Now I'm on one, now we both done/It's way too much damage."

Yung Baby Tate "B.O.M.B.S." - She's back on her bullshit! Yung Baby Tate is letting us know that she's back with a turnt up track "I'm sucking on that d**k just like a granny with no teeth on, I make a n***a wanna put a ring on it, Let me teach you somethin', I could put a grade on it, P***y like homework."

Mya "Space And Time" - In Mya's new track, she wanted to remind people that they were not alone, and we must all come together to make this world a better place to live in. She sings "Tryin' to figure out the right way to get to our best lives/So when the world looks like nothin's really goin' right/Just remember that it's OK to take some space and time". And that's some facts!

Lady XO "Deja Vu" - Lady XO slides effortlessly on this track, flexing on everyone "24/7 all I think about is money moves, I could dream the future still be hype when it’s a déjà vu, Please don’t be confused if I stop fuckin with ya that’s on you." You should also check out the music video which is pretty dope and shows her in a science lab.

Jorja Smith "Rose Rouge" - Smith has dropped a rework of the classic jazz track "Rose Rouge" originally by St Germain. The jazzy song is going to be on her new album Bluenote, which is coming out this September. This song would be perfect to listen to while smoking a joint on a Sunday morning!

Azealia Banks "Black Madonna" - On this Lex-Luger produced track, Banks brought the BARS to complete: "Cook it up then I serve ‘em, then shake the spot like I’m twerkin´, rider provider, hot box the chopper, jealous n***as keep talking my stock up."

Be sure to be on the look out next week for another new playlist, and if you or someone you know thinks they should be featured feel free to send music to

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