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Volume 29 is here!!!!! This week we start off with "Clout" by UK rapper Ivorian Doll. In the song she raps about how haters come at her on the internet all for clout - and it's getting exhausting. HEARD THAT.

We then slow things down a bit with some CASHMA, "Too Good" is a beautiful r&b song where she sings how "Try not to think about your touch/But I can't help it because it's too good, too good." Off her new EP Better Than Dreams, "Too Good" is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to hearing some raw, new talent. Chinese Kitty then comes through with some bars to make us twerk and let us know he gon buss "On Three!"

Another UK rapper has made it to this week's list, Daina. When I first heard this song I couldn't stop playing it... "Super" is legit the perfect pregame, turn up, get high to and vibe song! Trusttttt. Next up we got Baby Fendi who straight slides on this new track "Only Fans". In the song she raps "I might make an only fans if you wanna see this pus*y/ b*tch I been poppin' my sh*t."

SZA did a release on Christmas day, "Good Days." This is the song that was only a snippet at the end of her last single "Hit Different." The full version has more lyrics, where she sings "Way to kill the mood/Know you like that sh*t." We then do a switch up with a new track off Rubi Rose's new EP For The Streets. "Bailar" was my favorite track off the new EP, and it might be the salsa, spanish music-inspired beat!

"Holy Class" is a new r&b trap song by the Tik-Toker gone music artist Ayzha Nyree. In the song she sings "He need a real woman to brag bout with a bag/I ain't like these hoes with their a** out/Holy Class." The playlist then wraps up with some Kayykilo, who is Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment's first lady if you didn't know. The Louisiana rapper's new song "Bend It" is definitely a new strip club anthem, with her rapping "Bend it over/Bend it/Put yo hands on yo knees make it twerk in the H!"

Light one up, press play and let me put you on!!!:

Be sure to be on the look out next week for another new playlist, and if you or someone you know thinks they should be featured feel free to send music to

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