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Okay! The 28th list has arrived and this honestly might be one of my favorite ones I've done so far. I opened the playlist with a Christmas song, because obviously it's my favorite holiday and Lil Debbie put the best remix together of "Santa Baby." Ambre released a double single project "alone/the catch up," and "alone" really got me in my feels! The beat on this track was produced by a bunch of talented artists such as Kehlani, Masego, Louie Lastic, and more.

Asian Doll then comes through with the drill track "Nunnadet Shit," where she lets you know that she really gives NO fucks at all!!!! Snow The Product took shots in "Tell You Like This," and if they were aimed at you.... let me just tell you that you are dead!! She raps "How you hung around me and your dumbass never learned how to keep it G/ Goddamn it's sickening/Hope you listening."

I then decided to slow things down and add some Ari Lennox for the soul. She teamed up with Google to release "Grounded," and the song is supposed to serve as a jingle for a black-woman-owned plant shop based in Washington, DC. Next up is Lakeyah featuring her labelmates City Girls on "Female Goat." She really killed this track off her debut mixtape Times Up.

BIA dropped FOR CERTAIN ep 12/11, and when I say every track on the project is fire, it is not a drill. "BIA BIA" is the opening track featuring none other than Lil Jon, talk about legendary! It's definitely the song to get you turnt up! Mulatto came back with an extended version of her album Queen Of Da Souf, and teamed up with Lil Baby for a new song "Sex Lies." I love this song because we actually get to hear her singing as well as rapping, and it's a bit of a vibe change from her usual.

The all women playlist ends with CHIKA's new song "FWB." On the song she speaks about how she just wants to be friends with benefits, not fall in love or anything more. "Ain't no shame cuz you got needs and I got mine, I'm ironically on time/You're platonically inside."

Light up your weed and press play on the music below!:

Be sure to be on the look out next week for another new playlist, and if you or someone you know thinks they should be featured feel free to send music to

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